Find Your Mission Field

“Find your purpose and respond to his call”

My first Sunday here I attended church at Hope, a small church just a mile down the road from where I am living. This is one of two churches Blessman Ministries has planted in South Africa. Church at Hope is held in a one room school house, and is attended by several employees who work on the Farm, or neighboring farms. Everyone in attendance fills this one room school-house with joyous praises, and my first Sunday here was no different.

The message given was on Isaiah 6:1-13
“Who shall I send?” This is the pivotal question asked within this scripture, and Isaiah responds, “Here I am, send me.”

Pastor Romeo challenged the congregation to kneel before the Lord, and receive Him-all of Him. Each of us has a purpose and a mission field. Work, friends, family, school; God’s given us an endless list of opportunities to respond to his call and bring glory to him. It’s not easy, but God placed us on the earth for this purpose.

The sermon above was given the day after I arrived in South Africa, and any fear or doubt about spending nine months away from family and friends disappeared-God’s timing is impeccable. God gave me a heart for children, and right now serving the children of South Africa is without a doubt my Mission Field. Yesterday, we began Children’s Church at Hope, and while my first Sunday of leading was far from perfect-there was a lot of joy and laughter amongst us all. I’ve been given the opportunity to share God’s love with these children, and that’s truly a blessing. My prayer is that we all are able to find our Mission Field!



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  1. Lovely perspective, Sarah. So glad you’re able to have this chance to share God’s love and grow His Kingdom! Thank you for sharing your adventures with all of us back home through blogging. Blessings to you and all you meet.

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