One year later…

One year ago I left on my first mission trip to South Africa. One year later I am currently raising support to become a full-time missionary with Blessman Ministries, Inc. This past year has included an overflow of blessings and I thank God daily for the opportunities he’s provided me.

How it all started…

A series of events, that fell together just perfectly, allowed me the opportunity to go to South Africa with Blessman Ministries last fall. Our team was made up of 8 individuals, and all but one of those individuals were strangers. This was the biggest leap of faith I had ever taken, and I am so thankful I did. I went into the trip with no expectations. During those twelve days my eyes were opened to the hardships children and adults face daily, my heart was forever changed, and my relationship with Christ continued to grow.

There is a specific conversation I had with Dr. Jim Blessman (founder of Blessman Ministries) on our last day of the trip. This conversation took place in the kitchen of their home in South Africa, and during this conversation, it was the first time I had ever given any thought to becoming a missionary. This may have been the first thought, but I had a 17 hour plane ride home to reflect on the conversation that took place.

One week later I sent Doc this e-mail…

“On the last morning before heading to Jo-burg you asked if I had any questions for you, and not to wait too long …..and at that point I had it in my head that I had to remove myself from the emotional aspect of the trip before I thought about a future with BMI. I think in the last week I’ve realized that the emotions only get stronger. This was a realization that I needed to make, and your questions helped provoke those thoughts, so thank you for that!

I realize we have only been home for a week, but I must admit the trip is always on my mind. If it’s not scanning through my photos, or checking your blog posts, its me subconsciously thinking about Del Cramer and the kids, or the orphanage, etc. I would love to get together and talk more in-depth about a potential future with Blessman Ministries and how I could be most helpful. ”

The following months…

I had two meetings with the Doc and Beth before they headed back to South Africa and exchanged a lot of e-mails with the Blessman’s over the following months to discuss what it looked like to be a missionary with Blessman Ministries. I wanted to make sure South Africa was God’s calling for me, and not something I was creating for myself. Six short months after my first mission trip I had another opportunity to go back to South Africa. I fell in love all over again, and this trip was confirmation that I am being called to South Africa.

One year later…

I am currently raising support to become a full-time missionary with Blessman Ministries and am loving every moment of it. My tentative departure date is January 30, 2014. In the field, some of my responsibilities will include: working with short-term mission teams from the United States, feeding orphaned and vulnerable children, and meeting the physical and spiritual needs of a community that is desperately in need.


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